BE AUDIO B228- 2400W

B-228 is Hybrid® horn/reflex loading combines the acoustic efficiency and impact of bass horn technology with the low frequency extension of a reflex design, enabling it to produce significantly higher output levels than a traditional reflex-loaded subwoofer. With an operating range of 32-150Hz + 3dB, it features dual long-excursion 18” (460mm)/4.” (100mm) voice coil  ferrite drivers, with water resistant cones and triple roll surrounds.

The B-228 is a passive high power subwoofer system with dual 18inch(100mm voice coil) Ferrite magnet driver front loaded by a hyperbolic horn with low flare rate. The rear of the driver is reflex loaded to extend the LF output to below the natural cut-off point of the horn. It serves as a core model for portable live performance sound reinforcement system and is ideal for corporate and industrial events. The loudspeaker enclosure is rectangular in shape. It is constructed with 18mm thickness high -density plywood and with extensive internal bracing support. The enclosure is finished by water-resistant textured black paint for wear restance and durability.

Technical Specification

Power RMS 2400w
Prog.Power 2800w
Frequency Range(+db) 32Hz-250Hz
Impedance 4 0hm
Sensitivity 99db
TransducersLF 18″ LF driver
Voice Coil 4″
DIM (mm) LxBxD 564x1137x714
Weight ( Approx.) 75kgs