R SERIES Amplifier

We appreciate you very much for your commod in to guarantee the quality, all the monitors have been checked strictly before they leave factory. On behalf of our company,
we promise you a good quality and completion commod components. BE there appears any operation problems, please contact with our appointed agents in time counts from
the day your purchase the commod to the twelfth month ended with the same date when you purchased the commod. by this warranty card, we will fix your monitor free of charge during this year, the free ranges from manual fee to spare parts fee. When reparation need transportation you should use the original packaging and quake proof packing. A the same time never forget to put the warranty card inside, in case the
following conditions : The operation warranty will not work:
1. The monitor is damaged by wrong operation. accident or natural disaster.
2. The monitor has been fixed or reequipped by other company technicians.
3. The series No. has been Changed or eliminated.
4. The Monitor has been quipped in accord with the directions provided.
Finalization of twelve months operation warranty we start another warranty (reparation)
for three years, but the spare parts fee will be charged for this warranty .

Technical Specification

MODEL  R14000 R12000  R8000
Stereo Power 8 Ω   4 x 1300 W 4 x 1300 W 2 x 1100 W
1KHz0.1%THD 4 Ω 4 x 2200 W 4 x 2000 W 2 x 2000 W
AC 230V Input 2 Ω 4 x 7000 W 4 x 2600 W 2 x 1900 W
Bridge Mono Power 8 Ω 8700 W 6400 W
Bridge Mono Power 4 Ω 14000 W 9600W
Signal/noise  >110dB >110dB >105dB
Slew rate >60 v/us >60 v/us >60 v/us
Damping factor >800 >800 >500
Frequency response @ 1 watt in to 8 ohm +/_0.1dB, 20 Hz + 20 KHz
THD <0.1% rated power @81KHZ
IMD <0.015%Rated power @8 Ω
Input sensitivity 0.775V, 1.OV, 1.55 V
LPF 0Hz-180Hz Valid
Input impedance 10K/20K hours, unbalanced or balanced
Input CMRR < – 75dB
Crosstalk at rated output 8 Ohms 1 kHz < – 70dB
LED Indicators Signal, Protect, Deactive, Clip/Limiting
Main Power supply 200V-240/50/60Hz
weight 18 Kg 35kg 36Kg
Gross weight 20g 38kg 38kg
Package Dimensions (mm) 482W X380 D X 88H 482W X380 D X 88H 482W X380 D X 88H