S SERIES Amplifier – H+ Class

The S series is a wide voltage high power switching power amplifier with high performance, compact and reasonable structure: each channel has a peak output voltage can be adjusted independently, to make sure the amplifier can drive different kinds of speakers, intelligent protection circuit provides advanced technology to protect the internal circuit and connection, which can make sure the amplifier and loudspeaker can be worked in extreme conditions. Suitable for large-scale performances, venues, business entertainment clubs and other place The S series with high slew Rate, strong ability to restore the details to get more clear and delicate high-frequency performance. With high Damping factor, strong low-frequency control force to make a strong low-frequency straight extension. The high value of the signal to noise ratio, to make sure get a better sound with fidelity. The new circuit design, adopts the SMT surface mount technology, to improve the consistency and effciency of the machine H (class H) circuit design, advanced power supply technology to reduce the overall power consumption suitable for : Outdoor & Indoor, conference room, multi-function hall, bar and theatre.

Technical Specification

MODEL S9000 S8000
Output 80hms 1KHz0.1% THD bridge mode 2X2500W 2X1800W
Out put 40hms 1KHz0.1%THD stereo mode 2X4000W 2X3000W
Output20hms 1KHz0.1% THD bridge mode
Output80hms 1KHz0.1% THD bridge mode 2X4000W 2X3000W
Out put 40hms 1KHz0.1%THD stereo mode 2X7000W 2X6000W
Signal/noise >109dB >108dB
Slew rate >90v/us >90v/us
Damping >1300 >1100
Frequency response @ 1 watt in to 8 ohm +/_0.1dB, 20 Hz + 20 KHz
THD +N +/_0.1% rated power @81KHZ
IMD <0.01%Rated power @8 1KHZ
Input sensitivity 0.775V, 1.OV, 1.55 V
Input impedance 10K/20K hours, unbalanced or balanced
Input sensitivity < – 75dB
Crosstalk at rated output 8 Ohms 1 kHz < – 70dB
Indicators Signal, Protect, Dactive, Clip/Limiting
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz
Net weight 44Kg 42kg
Gross weight 47kg 44kg
Amplier dimension (mm) 483W X 500D X 133H 483W X 500D X 133H